Our experience allows us to assist and
support the client.

We produce pieces wether in traditional plastic material (polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, abs) or in polymers, making use of additional technologies such as two-component gas molding and co-molding.
Our technical staff supports our customers from the early planning stages by following him in the realization of the mould, in the start-up and the later final production system:
• Design of a 3D drawings
• Production of possible prototypes
• Design and production of the mould
• Study of the layout packaging
• Delivery of the finished product according to customer's requests and delivery time
The technical department takes care of the relations with the client and follows all phases of the design and the mould construction:
• it takes care of the early study of f the project, identifying the critical issues that the finished product might have and with the customer is responsible for the preparation of all the necessary documents for the approval of the plastic item.
• It performs analysis to identify factors involved in the technology of injection molding: from the selection of raw materials, looking for the balance between costs, to the functionality of the moulded product.

Macchinari per lavorazione plastica Macchinari per lavorazione plastica


Our focus

The constant research of the highest quality is our main goal that we pursue at every stage of the production cycle: from design to finished product, from tools and machinery to production. Atis is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 since 2003 and has recently developed its own quality system obtaining ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification. Our team, young and dynamic, open to new ideas and new challenges is constantly committed in quality system.
In our company a regular training for the improvement and growth of our staff responsible for production and quality is carried out with the intention of transferring to all employees the importance of customer's satisfaction. Most of our production is subject to precise qualitative and dimensional specification, in some cases with tolerances on the order of few hundredths of a millimeter which are measured with the use of the CMM. Furthermore, our in-house laboratory allows us to characterize the incoming material.


We guarantee to our customers a delivery
"just in time"

Due to its own property location on 30,000 square meters of which 14,000 assigned to provide services such as office, laboratory, warehouse facilities etc ..., Atis can guarantee its customers a delivery "just in time" which combines elements such as stock reduction and customer lead time with a constant supervision of the production process, together they complete the global service offered to customers.
The careful and accurate planning of our production allows us to perform this operation with both national and international customers.

Environment :

our priority

An important photovoltaic system has been developed and allows Atis to be partly indipendent for its energy requirements; inverters and energy saving light bulbs have been installed on the machines.
All waste produced during the process, together with packaging materials, are recycled to 100%.